Indian Traditional Snacks

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Indian Traditional Snacks

Edible favors will never go wrong with any events. Not to be missed, we cater these traditional Indian snacks for all our customers.

Assorted Indian Snacks are available for your event door gifts such as potato chips, assorted nuts, murukku mixture and other Indian delicacies.


Potato Chips
RM 1.50 each pack
Assorted Murukku
RM 1.50 each pack
Murukku Mix
RM 1.50 each pack













2. Murukku mixture in plastic + personalized stickers RM 2.00 each


3. Murukku mixture in plastic + ribbon + personalized tags RM 2.50 each


4. Murukku mixture in Deepavali greeting boxes – RM 3.00 each


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