Plain Velcro Bags


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Plain Velcro Bags.

Simple yet elegant gift bags with velcro flap for weddings, parties, events, company events & functions. Fill them up with candies, chocolates, herbal teas, coffees, sachets, soaps, candles, potpourri, or anything you can think of.  They come with a bow ribbon and a hidden velcro holder to keep the bag snugly shut.

Bags available in 4 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large) and various colors.

Small (Measurement : H 16.5 cm x W 12.5 cm x Base 6.0 cm)

20 – 299 pcs – RM 1.40 each
300 – 599 pcs – RM 1.30 each
600 & above – RM 1.20 each

Medium (Measurement : H 21.0 cm x W 15.5 cm x Base 7.0 cm)

20 – 299 pcs – RM 1.60 each
300 – 599 pcs – RM 1.50 each
600 & above – RM 1.40 each

Large (Measurement : H 25.5 cm x W 18.5 cm x Base 8.0 cm)

20 – 299 pcs – RM 1.80 each
300 – 599 pcs – RM 1.70 each
600 & above – RM 1.60 each

Extra large (Measurement : H 29.5 cm x W 20.5 cm x Base 8.0 cm)

20 – 299 pcs – RM 2.00 each
300 – 599 pcs – RM 1.90 each
600 & above – RM 1.80 each

Plain Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags
Available in 4 sizes
Plain Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags
Available in 4 sizes
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Orange
Plain Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Brown
Plain Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Black
Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Grey
Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Pink
Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Magenta
Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>White
Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Beige
Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Ocean Blue
Velcro Bags
Ocean Blue
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Purple
Velcro Bags
Plain Velcro Bags<br/>Red
Velcro Bags
Velcro Closure
Velcro Closure


7 reviews for Plain Velcro Bags

  1. Jenny

    Hi i would like to order plain velcro gift bag – Small (Measurement : H 16.5 cm x W 12.5 cm x Base 6.0 cm)
    30 pink 20 magenta.

    How do I order n how fast I’d the delivery?

    • dicesry

      Hi Jenny, pls check your e-mail. Thanks.

  2. Shani Hughes

    Hello I would like to order 400 of the small size of the plain velcro gift bag in purple. But I don’t see where to order. Please help. Thanks.


    • dicesry

      Hi Shani, where are you located? We need to calculate the shipping for you.

  3. Deva

    Hi, i need to order indian sweets and containers. Am located around ampang,kl.


    • dicesry

      Hi Deva, Please check your e-mail and get back to us. Thank you!

  4. Ivy


    I would like to order small size plain Velcro gift bag. Please let me know the procedure. Tq.

    • dicesry

      Hi Ivy, please follow up with the email we sent. Thank you.

  5. Melissa Brown

    Hi, I was inquiring about the 40 medium purple gift bag. How do I place my order and how long will it take to receive. Event is September 20,2014. Please respond soon. Thank you

  6. Lisa

    Hi I would like to order the extra large plain Velcro gift bag in red color. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks

  7. Sadhna


    Do you ship items to Charlotte, North Carolina USA? If so what are the delivery charges and how do I know the cost in dollars.

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