Assorted Sweets Gummies

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Assorted Sweets Gummies.

Edible favors are the most famous and favorable favors and door gifts of all time. We carry different types of sweets, candies and gummies to cater your needs.  We accept bulk orders for all our Assorted Sweets Gummies.

All our candies are HALAL certified.

1. Jelly Beans – Jelly Beans are a small bean-shaped type of  confectionery with a hard candy shell and a gummy interior which come in a wide variety of flavors & colors.

2. Gummy Bear – Gummy bear is a small, rubbery-textured confectionery. The candy is roughly 2 centimetres long and shaped in the form of a bear.

3. Chocolate Mini Lens – Milk chocolates with crunchy candy coating. Colorful and very delicious.

4. Chocolate Stones – Milk chocolates with crunchy candy coating. Also called as Rock Chocolate or Pebbles.


Assorted Sweets Gummies
Jelly Beans
RM 10.00 per 500 grams
Assorted Sweets Gummies
Gummy Bears
RM 22.00 per 500 grams
Chocolate Mini Lens
Chocolate Mini Lens
RM 25.00 per 500 grams
Chocolate Stones (Rock Choc)
Chocolate Stones (Rock Choc)
RM 27.00 per 500 grams













Too busy to pack them your self for your events? We have decorated glass jars for your convenience. Click HERE for samples.


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