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Marshmallows. Edible favors are the most famous and favorable favors and door gifts of all time. And of course marshmallows are at the top of the list.

Our marshmallow taste absolutely delicious. They are soft and will melt in your mouth. The Marshmallows are premium quality and not too sweet to consume. It can be consumed by everyone from young kid to an adult.

All our edibles are Halal Certified.

RM 20.00 per 500 grams

Types of marshmallow depends on stock availability.

Heart shape Marshmallow
Heart shape
Twisted Marshmallow
Twisted type
Rainbow Marshmallow
Rainbow color
Chocolate marshmallow
Chocolate flavor


Teddy Bear Marshmallow
Teddy Bear
Flower Marshmallow
Flower shape


White Marshmallow
Big White





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